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The Secret Sauce of Staging – Book Resources


First of all, let me commend you for grabbing this book!

I see so many homeowners MESS UP BIG TIME when they try to stage or declutter their home when they get it ready to sell.

I want you to go through this process as stress-free and inexpensively as possible. Therefore, I created this fun little checklist to help you stage any room, or rooms, in your home for the purposes of selling it quicker and for more money. It can also be for the purpose of simply enjoying your space a little more than you do now.


Grab Your Free Resources, Checklists, Mindfulness Meditation and more!

As a valued reader, I want to share some of the resources with you that come from my book. You will find a handy Amazing Staging Calendar designed to help you plan out your project. Imagine creating your own step-by-step plan that can help guide you through a time of change and organized chaos.

This Calendar will also help guide you as you really get into your project.  You might have to readjust your timeline as time goes by.  Remember to allow yourself some flexibility with your planning.  Even with great intentions, stuff happens.

Another great resource is the Room-by-Room Checklist and Doing the Walk Through To Do List.  Use the “To Do” List for each room so that all aspects of staging or redesign are covered. You will be as prepared as you can be including knowing the supplies/materials you will need, along with items to be decluttered, cleaned, and repaired. If you are staging your home for sale or redesigning your space for a new look, be sure to consider having a focal point in each of the major rooms.

An added Bonus is the Showtime! Open House Checklist.  This resource is specifically designed to do the last minute “sweep” that is going to make your place look great!  Remember, the whole family can pitch in and help with getting these small ( yet important) details taken care of so that your house is totally dialed in for looking its best!

Last, but not least, another Free Resource for you is a Mindfulness Meditation. I did this recording so that you have another tool in your tool bag of resources. Taking a few minutes for yourself to chill out is critical to your health and overall well-being.

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So, What Does a Recovering Clutter Queen Do?  She Becomes a Professional Home Stager!

I would have never guessed that I would have made such a transformation from Clutter Queen to Home Stager. You see, years ago, as a single parent, I was pretty much in survival mode and felt like I was running the whole time.  I was overwhelmed and under-organized.  I felt exhausted most of the time and somehow thought I could remember where I put things even though I would put the same thing in a different place each time—like my car keys! I had to hunt them down almost every single day.  Little did I think my life would be much less stressful if I put my keys in the same place, every time.  Duh…

So, what I discovered after years of filing things in brown paper bags that lined the living room floor, was that I was tired of wasting my time and energy trying to find things. I needed to develop a system to worked for me. Fortunately, I had a friend who helped me organize my files I had in a wooden file cabinet. That was the start of seeing the beauty of having things organized and in an order. I could easily reach into my file cabinet and find exactly what I wanted!  Imagine that!

Over the years, I have developed more systems that have helped me stay organized.  I have sharpened my natural talents by taking a variety of interior design classes to expand my knowledge and expertise. I have staged homes for friends and also staged the four homes that my husband and I have lived, in which resulted in huge profits, when the homes were sold.

I have professionally staged homes in the Sacramento region for the last 10 years, and I’m especially sought after by real estate agents, brokers and real estate investors.

Less Stress! More Love!

This is probably one of the reasons I developed a love of having everything in its place where I can find things. Less stress! I found I was a better person, and a better parent with less stress and more love in my life.

It’s also probably one of the reasons I wrote my book, The Secret Sauce of Staging. I wanted others to enjoy the same sense of calm, peace, accomplishment, and empowerment. It’s so amazing to be surrounded by people and things you love and being able to find the things you need—like the car keys!

Having an environment that is peaceful, organized, and nurturing helps produce that feel-good-feeling of being loved, happy, and cherished. Imagine—if we had happy, healthy families, happy, healthy homes, then we could have happy, healthy communities, and a happy healthy world!

So, What Does This Mean to You?

You downloaded “5 Easy Steps for a Dramatic Room Makeover.” Now is the time to set some goals and actually take the 5 Easy Steps for a Dramatic Room Makeover!

  • Take things one day at a time.
  • Plan it out.
  • Take Before and After pictures so you can see your progress and experience your success!

Remember, it’s a process!

If a former Clutter Queen can become a professional Home Stager, you can transform your life, too!

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