Marlena has been staging homes beginning with her favorite dollhouse as a child! Even then, she loved the creative process of moving things around to have that transformational “aha” effect. As an adult, Marlena went on to become an educator, with a Doctorate degree, always “fixing” and creating environments – from classrooms and cubicles to entire schools – that stimulated the heart and soul yet were calming, nurturing and engaging.
Over the years, Marlena has sharpened her natural talents by taking a variety of interior design classes to expand her knowledge and expertise. She has staged the four homes she and her husband have lived in resulting in huge profits when the homes were sold. She has professionally staged homes in the Sacramento region for the last 10 years, and is especially sought after by real estate agents, brokers and real estate investors.


Below is a slideshow of a home in Gold River, CA where Marlena staged the whole thing! 

Gold River, California